Metal Roofs

An increasingly popular roof in Canada. It is known for its durability and sleek modern design. They come in an array of colour options. This is a highly varied product with different manufactures having their own fastening and installation methods. 

A wide variety of home owners and designers are looking for alternative roofing products. We provide installation and service on a varied amount of composite materials. These are often made from alternative materials like plastics, and composites and have an impactful design look.

Composite Roofs

Simple means it doesn't have to be hard.

Using the proper materials like drip edge, and aluminium flashing can help prevent leaks, and increase the lifespan of your roof. This can also help other services like eavestrough, and brick work from developing leaks due to water penetration.

Flanges, Flashing, and Drip Edge!

A self adhesion under-lament that provides an additional barrier between the elements and your home. It reduces risk of leaks caused by wind driven rain, ice damming, and wicking water at the roofs edge due to shingle curl.

Ice and Water Shield & Under layment

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